Deb and I have been in business for over 40 years. We started out in the Antique business which transitioned into a full line furniture store for 20 years. During that period we experimented with real estate until our retail business took off and consumed all our time. We eventually sold our business and shortly learned health care and growing expenses were rising and our retirement was decreasing.

  We decided to give antiques another try after 20 year off and found our original love rekindled. Allot of fun but we needed more income. We thought about all the interest in flipping houses so we dove in head first. It started with our first house and to our benefit it was a multiple offer and sold for more then asking...oh yea! That was all it took and we continued until I got cancer.

 I will elaborate on that journey later but following my throat cancer I found out I had lung cancer. After about 2 years of recovery my son and daughter (in-law) had an interest in starting a new business now called Restoration Cleveland, LLC. The link will take you to their Instagram page. Another long story but they invited my wife and I to partner up for a time of learning and sharing our experience as their business grows.

 We will continue to share as our new partnership grows...hopefully we can keep on a friendly basics.

   Deb has has stayed so youthful, boy am I lucky. Actually this is an old picture but she is still is my queen. Deb has been the anchor of our family as I spent two decades following my addiction acting as a child. Its only through the Grace of God that we endured many trial and tribulations in our life. She is not only beautiful, but smart, hard worker, awesome wife, mother and grandmother,

Deb has been the backbone of our business and deals with all the details that make a business run while I work the tools and do the books while she has a set of eyes for design and knows how to demo with the crew. Working with Matt and Michelle has been a blessing for Deb and me except for that hour drive to Cleveland.

I neglected to mention we are FBA merchants at Amazon. Again Deb has taken the bull by the horns and spends allot of time doing arbitrage. I have sourced some items for importing for our Amazon business which you can see by clicking the link then click products. We have over 1500 items listed from toys to kitchen items, We also have over 20 booths in Amish country, Berlin Ohio. Also at Berlin Antique mall.